Introduction from Liam Neeson, Patron of the Lyric Theatre

"Great theatre has the capacity to touch our lives in extraordinary ways and for over fifty years the Lyric has been an indispensable part of Northern Ireland's cultural life, empowering, inspiring, engaging and entertaining. In the face of the deep divisions that have traditionally kept communities apart, the Lyric serves as a powerful unifying force, providing a safe and neutral space in which people from different backgrounds can enjoy a shared experience and explore their individual creativity and rich culture. During my early career this theatre was like a beacon of light and hope six nights a week, doing everything from Shakespeare to Yeats to O'Casey with a group of actors and actresses that affected me very deeply and still do." - Liam Neeson OBE

Liam Neeson greeting Stella McCusker at Lyric Theatre - 2014


to the American Friends of the Lyric Theatre, Ireland, a US non-profit organization created to raise awareness and support for theater and the arts, particularly through the work of the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.


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The Plough and the Stars - Starring Liam Neeson
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